[Market-farming] Loss of Soil Carbon After Tilling

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at outlands.ca
Mon Oct 26 09:07:48 EDT 2009

waldenfarm wrote:
> I also practice no till gardening- double dug beds one time 24 years ago and 
> only do surface cultivation.

Do you do it at a commercial level?  Ie, are you selling at least some
of your produce from no-till gardening?  If yes, what would be the pros
and cons of this approach for a market farmer?

No-till is something I am interested in, but all the permaculture and
no-till book I have heard about are written with the home-scale gardener
in mind.  I would love to hear about those practicing it on a surface
over an acre, and see if it is feasible at that scale.

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