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MAsteveINE MAsteveINE at 207ME.com
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Bobbett, KY zone 6

Said: Our local feed store carries it for around $7/100#. 


And MAsteveINE shows why he is asking about economical sources!

(this is "cock a doodle" brand and certified organic)
Corn Gluten (10% N) Works as a pre-emergent control for weeds like dandelions, pigweed and crabgrass by inhibiting root formation. Not recommended for use on existing weeds, as the high nitrogen content makes it a very effective fertilizer for leaf growth. A case of "that which does not kill me makes me stronger"? Apply at 20lb/1000 sq ft close to the time of weed germination. Moisture is necessary for activation, but too much moisture reduces effectiveness. Can be used in gardens for weed control once the desired plants are well-established seedlings. A good practice would be manual cultivation followed by an application of corn gluten. Nat'l List     8797: (50.0#) $60.00      8798: 10 or more bags (50.0#) $59.00      8799: per pallet (2000.0#) $2000.00        
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