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Toro drip tape seems to be working for us.

Kurt Forman
Clearview Farm
Palmyra, NY 14522

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I've had good results with T-Tape, Roberts Ro-Drip, Netafim and Hardy's product. I don't know about others. Netafim doesn't always fit the same fittings but it works well otherwise.


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>What make drip do you use?
>I bought a similarly priced knock off of t-tape this season from our 
>professional produce farming supplier. Can't remember the name. Boy, 
>was it crap. We had seams open on us over and over again and it 
>plugged very early. Never had this with t-tape or the Israeli stuff.
>Thanks Allan in WV
>>I run one line on top of the ground between twin rows. I use a 
>>dripline with close emitters for onions, 6" usually. I suspect 
>>different soil types, locations may do things differently, but 
>>that's what works well here.
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>>>Bill - Do you bury your drip or put it on the surface? Do you just
>>>use a couple of runs per bed or a run per row? -Allan in WV
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