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I would love to see a picture or two.  Thanks   I saw some onions grown on
black plastic this summer and failed to ask how the actual transplanting was
accomplished, but so want to use this method next spring. 

Kathy in Vermont



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What method do you use when transplanting onion starts on black plastic?  

Kathy in Vermont



I have a plywood piece with a 5 foot handle, looks a bit like a whale tail,
4 points


about 2 " long and 6 in apart, for punching the poly, and then I go back and
on hands and knees


confirm the hole with a finger and then jab in the plug.  With increasing
age I am down to 


about 10 trays and hurry is no longer an option. nor is bending! Easier to
do than tell!


I can do some pictures if you want, as I go on I am doing more on plastic,
best thing I tried this 


year was pole beans.





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