[Market-farming] onions

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Wed Oct 21 07:19:52 EDT 2009

I should have mentioned this, also.

The TX onion place is not organic but has started consulting for 
organic growers. For this reason, I'm not sure that their world view 
is accurate, but they were really focused on fungal problems while 
raising onions.

The consultant recommended that I spray with fish emulsion once a 
week and coat the tops of each plant heavily. This was not for N but 
because the fish oils, he said, act as a prophylaxix against fungus 
gaining a hold in the skin of the onion tops.

I have all sorts of confusion about the use of N on bulbing plants 
(fearing that it would promote top growth at the expense of bulb 
growth), so I never got around to following his instructions, but 
since I do have far more fungal problems in this Mid-Atlantic high 
humidity, cold nights growing situation, I would ask if anyone else 
has found that 'fish oil coating' helps reduce fungal problems in 
your crops.


-Allan in WV

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