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Tue Oct 20 23:59:53 EDT 2009

We grow red and yellow Candy onions from plants, about 7,000 this year, purchased from Morgan County seeds in MO.  We planted two beds by tilling with 48" tiller, using bolts in flap to make furrows, then setting plants every 2" , 4 rows per bed, in March.  Thinned by harvesting every other one, starting with nice big scallions the first week in may right on up to full size onions in July, when tops die and we dug some nice, baseball sized onions.  We also set out four beds worth onto plastic, three rows per 36" bed, 4" spacing.  These we did nothing to until harvest in July, when removing the plastic revealed big (softball sized) onions.  All onions were planted into moderately raised beds (maybe 4"), with 1" of compost applied and tilled into the top few inches.  We planted into plastic using a 1x4, 48" long, with 3/8"x8" metal spikes sticking through from the top.  we set the board with spikes onto the plastic where we want our row, and push down
 (soil having been tilled right before mulch laying), and the spikes leave perfectly spaced, 6" deep holes through the plastic.  We stick an onion plant into each hole, and water in with seaweed and fish emulsion, and we're done.  Great results.

 Curtis and Sarah Millsap
Millsap Farm
Springfield MO

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