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I've heard that gibberellic acid is tricky to use, that you can use too  
much without too much trying. Is that true, and is it as expensive as I've 
heard  it is?
West Virginia
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In New Jersey the old rule said only restricted pest. needed a license  
then the law was changed last year to all pesticides including soap. Everyone  
should review their states rules because all states may sooner or later 
change  the rules like my state did. As far as adding fertilizer... a well 
fertilized  plant resists and repels insects... over and under fertilizing will 
attract  pests. You have to decide which way to go. Spinach does draw a lot 
of  fertilizer from the soil. You might also want to spray Gibberllic acid. 
Its a  growth stimulant that we use to get fall spinach to grow taller making 
it  easier to cut.It might even work with any greens crop in the hoop 
house...  Bob.

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That is what I thought and I don't use restricted use  pesticides or 
herbicides.  If I did, I have probably over 10  friends and family who have those 
licenses to help me out, if I need  them too.


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On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 08:33:15AM -0700, jay sleichter  wrote:
> I was unaware of a private applicators license needed  to apply pesticide
s to spray for market.? I see that one as a hard one  to enforce.? I follow 
all label directions and harvest requirements.?  I usually, never, spray 

States issue the licenses, so  it varies somewhat.  I guess.  In Texas, 
a license is  required to buy "restricted use" chemicals and then that 
license  holder is responsible for supervising the use of the  chemical.

If you think there is ANY possibility of needing to  use a restricted 
use chemical, it is a good idea to get your  license.  Alternately, you 
can identify a licensed neighbor  who is willing to buy the chemical for 
you and then supervise your  use of it.

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