[Market-farming] spinach and aphids conflicting methods?

Sue Oberle sue at oberlebotanical.com
Thu Oct 15 12:04:56 EDT 2009

Aphids are absolutely drawn to highly fertilized areas (among other 
things). But, as it gets colder, too they're drawn to protected areas 
and if you're using a savoyed variety, it provides shelter. If you have 
kale, it's probably got aphids too, same reason I believe. That & the 
plants still can provide nutritional value. It's basically a late season 
bed & breakfast.

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jay sleichter wrote:
> I would like to thank everyone for the ideas.  Now I have conflicting 
> ideas, one says fertilize more, the other says water more to get rid 
> of the fertilizer.  Hmm, which is correct?  Maybe I could fertilize 
> half and water the other half and see what happens?  I don't think I 
> put down any fertilizer before I planted.  I did in the spring before 
> I planted zucchini in this bed. Then they died out ( age and squash 
> bugs) and I clean out the bed and tilled under and let it sit empty 
> for 2 months and then I planted the spinach.
> I was unaware of a private applicators license needed to apply 
> pesticides to spray for market.  I see that one as a hard one to 
> enforce.  I follow all label directions and harvest requirements.  I 
> usually, never, spray anything.
> Jay
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>     Colemans new book discussed the aphid problem on spinach, and his
>     solution was to water more frequently, which washes more of the
>     nitrates out of the soil, which is supposed to get rid of the
>     aphids because they thrive in a high nitrogen environment... I
>     haven't tried it yet, but I'm certainly going to. Ladybugs work,
>     but they definitely leave behind lots of little aphid carcasses,
>     which are very difficult, if not impossible to fully remove.
>     Curtis
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