[Market-farming] spinach and aphids conflicting methods?

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I would like to thank everyone for the ideas.  Now I have conflicting ideas, one says fertilize more, the other says water more to get rid of the fertilizer.  Hmm, which is correct?  Maybe I could fertilize half and water the other half and see what happens?  I don't think I put down any fertilizer before I planted.  I did in the spring before I planted zucchini in this bed. Then they died out ( age and squash bugs) and I clean out the bed and tilled under and let it sit empty for 2 months and then I planted the spinach.

I was unaware of a private applicators license needed to apply pesticides to spray for market.  I see that one as a hard one to enforce.  I follow all label directions and harvest requirements.  I usually, never, spray anything.


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Colemans new book discussed the aphid problem on spinach, and his solution was to water more frequently, which washes more of the nitrates out of the soil, which is supposed to get rid of the aphids because they thrive in a high nitrogen environment... I haven't tried it yet, but I'm certainly going to. Ladybugs work, but they definitely leave behind lots of little aphid carcasses, which are very difficult, if not impossible to fully remove.
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