[Market-farming] Flame weeding Salad production systems

Two Onion Farm farmer at twoonionfarm.com
Thu Oct 15 07:23:09 EDT 2009

I have used the 5 burner walk behind flame weeder since 2006.  I 
store it indoors and have not had any problem with the hood rusting 
out, but I have had problems with the orifices clogging.  Usually it 
is easy to unplug them, but on one occasion I needed to order a new 
burner.  The manufacturer is very willing to help with questions and 
he did send the new burner at an extremely reasonable price.

Another issue is that if you open the valve for a very hot flame you 
will freeze up your propane tank quickly.  With five burners this 
happens more easily than with one burner.  We get around this by 
having ten propane tanks which we swap in and out as needed.  (A 
large number of tanks also saves trips to the propane dealer).

I also would say that the pressure regulator and squeeze valve are 
very good investments.

A major problem with all flame weeding is that it will not kill young 
foxtail plants.  The growing point is below ground.  You can 
literally burn the aboveground leaves to a crisp and more leaves will grow.


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>Chris This is the flame weeder I'm using. I'll have to tell you, I'm
>not impressed with flame weeding as a means of controlling 'just
>emerging' weeds. I may be doing something wrong, but it's hard to
>imagine what it would be! My unit is two years old and the hood is
>rusting out, also. Keeping the orifices clean has been a real
>struggle, also. I can't see using the unit without the pressure
>regulator and I wouldn't want to use it without the squeeze-valve.
>Boy, it do add up in $$s, don't it? -Allan in WV

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