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Back about Labor Day there was a question about where companies like High
Mowing and Baker Creek get their seed. I responded about High Mowing as best
I knew. That response finally crossed Tom Stearns' computer, and here is his


What a great job you did!  We grow about 25% of the seed on our farm, about
50% comes from our growers in the US and another 25% comes from some mostly
European seed companies that have sought us out as a partner in the U.S.
Frank is among our great growers.






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And my original response: 

High Mowing, to my knowledge, contracts with individuals to grow some seed
for them. They also produce some seed themselves. They buy seed from growers
in the western U.S. when that results in more disease free seed. I think
they get some lettuces and greens from Frank Morton (writing from memory
that is the name that comes to mind). They have some sort of business
arrangement with Vitalis Seeds (a European company) to carry their hybrids.
They have invested significantly in a seed quality lab to ensure their seeds
are high quality. I will forward this to High Mowing to let them respond
better, but it is a holiday weekend for people who work for companies. 


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