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Richard Stewart rstewart at zoomtown.com
Tue Oct 13 09:52:12 EDT 2009

I have never sold Horseradish and I am curious what people charge as  
well.  We have a second year plot.

Lucy, last year we waited till after our first frost and then  
harvested.  Our roots were small compared to this year.  I dug up a  
single sample and had roots that we let sit for two seasons and saw  
500% growth development (by weight).  Any smaller roots, shoots, and  
tendrils had excellent development the following year.

Our sale of herbs to restaurants has dramatically increased.  We sell  
our herbs for a dollar an ounce and thus 16.00 a pound.  Not too sure  
if I would sell horseradish for the same. Next year we will be  
investing more in such crops.

I hope you weathered that last batch of rain well and temps don't dip  
too low the next couple of weeks.


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On Oct 13, 2009, at 5:54 AM, Owsley lucy wrote:

> We have first year plants, should we risk harvesting some this year  
> or leave them be? I know that when most folks dig up their  
> horseradish they get more but the past couple of times we have tried  
> to grow this stuff we have killed it when we harvested (or it died  
> out before it got that far). The plants look great this year but  
> don't want to risk killing them.
> And how much do you guys charge for fresh horseradish root?
> Lucy Goodman
> Boulder Belt Eco-Farm
> Eaton, OH
> http://boulderbelt.blogspot.com
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