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Joe Stuchlak joeda at maqs.net
Mon Oct 12 17:17:01 EDT 2009

No hurry but when you get a chance could you please remove me from the list. 
Thanks, Joe Stuchlak

joeda at maqs.net
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> Hey everyone,
> Just to give y'all a heads up--for those wondering why the moderation is
> being delayed (for new members/oversize posts), I'm awaiting emergency
> back surgery and can't get to the computer often enough to process stuff
> as soon as I usually do.  Unfortunately, I've been dealing with this for
> the past 9 months, which cut out our market garden very early this
> year--too bad cuz we had production out the wazoo, but no way to harvest
> to get it to market--made alot of neighbors very happy though.
> As a reminder to new members (& old), your posts will go through
> automatically, without moderation, if you keep the size small...reply
> with only the info you need, not the whole post, and certainly not the
> whole digest.  Moderation is only set to assure new subscribers are not
> spammers and to block large posts as a courtesy to our members who are
> on slow rural internet connections with limited downloads.
> I'm in the midst of working on a project to celebrate this list's 10th
> year anniversary starting January 2010 so there will be some exciting
> things in the near future for this list!  I'll be back as often as I
> can...thank god y'all are a civil bunch and rarely am I needed to
> actually moderate.  thanks for that!!
> Liz Pike
> Horseshoe Gardens
> Market Farming List Admin
> Hillsville Va
> zone 6b/7a
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