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Hugh + Tuuli Cartmill orufarm at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 12 13:45:45 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm writing from Estonia where my wife and I started growing herbs in pots last year. So far it's going well and we are expanding constantly. I've picked up a heap of good tips from this list - it's one E-mail I like to read every day. One issue which I have is to get consistent germination. At the moment I stack the trays 10 high and cover(40x60cm holding 35 8cm pots) with black plastic and keep somewhere warm (currently in the greenhouse) but the temperature varies and it's difficult to always make sure they are well sealed. I'm thinking of building a cabinet around a radiator on the wall  in a room next to the boiler room - insualted and with doors that seal well and then having a towel rack hanging on the radiator and keeping the towels soaked so that there is constant humidity and constant temperature. I should also be able to avoid wrapping the trays. Any thoughts or suggestions?



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