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 Hi Barb.

Welcome to the Market Farming list!? I find this to be a very friendly group of people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience and aren't afraid to ask "stupid" questions.? I hope you'll tell the story of your high tunnel at some point!? I'm sure you'll find an interested audience here.

Sleepy Hollow NY


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Hello, I just joined the group and was asked for a 
short intro, so here it is.? I'm a middle aged woman, long time home 
gardener and I started growing for market this past year.? I live on five 
acres and we're zoned to water an acre.? I put up a 26x48' FarmTek high 
tunnel ( and boy is that a story for another day, what an adventure that has 
been).? I live in a rather extreme climate on the highest part of the great 
plains just east of the front range of Colorado at over 7100'.? As I am one 
person, and my husband has an actual j-o-b, my 12 yo son and I do all the work, 
so we keep it to under an acre of growing.? This past year we did small 
crops like salad greens, etc.? and did a local farmer's market.? It 
was loads of fun, and we did actually come near to paying for the high tunnel, 
which was the goal.? This next year we plan to try a larger market and want 
to offer heirloom tomatoes and peppers from the high tunnel in addition to our 
regular small crops.? I?am hoping that there are some unheated 
greenhouse growers here, since I can see that managing the watering and humidity 
should be interesting, especially for me, since it is such a dry climate here 

I look forward to all the collective wisdom that is 
contained here!




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