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 Dear Liz,

Thank you so much for your work on this list.? I find it to be a wonderfully friendly and helpful group of people who are generous with their knowledge and experience but aren't afraid to ask silly questions.? I look forward to opening these emails every day and see them as a real relief from the rest of the crap in my inbox.? 

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been in pain and not able to get things harvested.? If I were close enough I'd come over and give you a hand.? I wish you a smooth surgery and quick recovery.? You'll be in my prayers.? 

Sleepy Hollow NY


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Hey everyone,

Just to give y'all a heads up--for those wondering why the moderation is 
being delayed (for new members/oversize posts), I'm awaiting emergency 
back surgery and can't get to the computer often enough to process stuff 
as soon as I usually do.  Unfortunately, I've been dealing with this for 
the past 9 months, which cut out our market garden very early this 
year--too bad cuz we had production out the wazoo, but no way to harvest 
to get it to market--made alot of neighbors very happy though. 

As a reminder to new members (& old), your posts will go through 
automatically, without moderation, if you keep the size small...reply 
with only the info you need, not the whole post, and certainly not the 
whole digest.  Moderation is only set to assure new subscribers are not 
spammers and to block large posts as a courtesy to our members who are 
on slow rural internet connections with limited downloads. 

I'm in the midst of working on a project to celebrate this list's 10th 
year anniversary starting January 2010 so there will be some exciting 
things in the near future for this list!  I'll be back as often as I 
can...thank god y'all are a civil bunch and rarely am I needed to 
actually moderate.  thanks for that!!

Liz Pike
Horseshoe Gardens
Market Farming List Admin
Hillsville Va
zone 6b/7a
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