[Market-farming] Coleman's Quick Hoops

MAsteveINE MAsteveINE at 207ME.com
Sun Oct 11 21:42:45 EDT 2009

>>I'm wondering if there is a cheaper or better solution for lite hoops
> like this?

The free, with stuff you have kicking about, substitute for a $70.00 tool.

With a pencil and a piece of string anchored to the edge of the picnic
at 24 inches draw a 4 foot diameter half circle on the table top.

with scraps of 1 1/2 inch lumber cover the line you drew, screw the pieces 
in place,
mark where each piece is placed.

repeat the pencil mark on the wood pieces.

remove the pieces and cut to the mark with a jig saw or sawzall, replace the 
pattern you have cut so that you have a half circle 4 feet in diameter.

from here you can start with the 10 foot piece of conduit centered on the 
center of the pattern and wrap both ways; or with a bit of math you can 
start with the conduit at the proper distance on the table edge, anchor it 
there and wrap to the full pattern.

I did some work on an acre of gutter connect greenhouse in MA a few years 
and although it was 40 years old the original papers were there; the 
shipment had been a load of straight  tubing, and instructions about like 
the above for bending everything.


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