[Market-farming] Bagged Salad Mix Regulations

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Tue Oct 6 13:52:20 EDT 2009

Tom we always cool our mixes as soon as it is cut with cold water, and I  
usually let it set in cold water for an hour or two before I start spin  
drying, then we don't pack in very large quantity so when we are at the  market 
not more than 5# is exposed to the air and the rest is in cooler's in the  
shade.  In really hot weather we pack the coolers with ice, we have our own  
ice maker, so a couple of scoops of ice on top of the mix in bags coming out 
of  the walk-in will hold all day without any problem.  Just never had any  
problems with it getting wilty even on the hottest of days.  We do the same 
 with swiss chard, and I always try to keep it wet at the markets, if it 
starts  to look wilty  I put it back in water and get out some fresh out of 
the  cooler.  We have a upright freezer in the van we market in and I always  
keep a few trays of ice just for emergencys.
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