[Market-farming] curing sweet potatoes

waldenfarm waldenfarm at bellsouth.net
Thu Oct 1 09:39:44 EDT 2009

A friend of mine who grows sweet potatoes sells his long skinny ones to an 
upscale restaurant as "fingerlings" and gets a premium price.

Alex McGregor
Walden Farm
Waldens Ridge, TN

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> We are digging lots of sweet potatoes. The curing suggestions are for 
> 80 -85
> degrees, longer if 75 degrees. The only place I have for this many, on
> pallet crates DH made, is in my hoophouse. It may get warm Tuesday, but
> nights are in the 40s. I have winter greens planted in most of the house 
> so
> can't just keep it closed to get max heat.
> We dug one row of 5 yesterday after market, and figure we have about 600
> lbs, of which 300 are large enough to be saleable. If it takes a month to
> cure, and our farmers market and CSA go through December, we are going to 
> be
> eating lots of sweet potatoes. Anyone have suggestions for the ones that 
> are
> real long but only the diameter of a finger? 

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