[Market-farming] Tomato ground prep

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Mon Nov 30 18:37:37 EST 2009

Sora - Thanks so much for taking time to reply. I guess the rest of 
the tomato growers on this list are tied up in their catalogs right 
now! ;-) Can you give me brand names and sources for the items you 
have recommended? Thanks -Allan in WV

>  >Allan...
>      In the past I have gotten good results (here Zone 4/5) by doing the
>tomatoes in raised beds and digging them in up to second leaves of 2
>foot tall starts.  I always added some bone meal and lots of finished
>I then foliar fed with fish fertilizer every 2 weeks.  This year I tried
>some pelletized fish fertilizer in the holes also and instead of foliar
>feeding put a good mulch of the pellets around each plant.  As it gets wet
>it slow releases nutrients.  The end result this year was significantly
>better.  I also talked with another local commercial organic grower who
>also tried the pelletized fertilizer with great results.  I also used it
>for the starts instead of the regular foliar feed and it yielded the best
>starts I've ever done.  And....bonus...it's Super Easy!!
>                                   Sora at Paradise Valley Organics, N. Id.
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