[Market-farming] cherry tomato favorites

Daniel Botkin dbotkin at valinet.com
Sat Nov 28 23:52:37 EST 2009

Fellow tomato lovers,

Don't often chime in here... but the cherry tomato thang is like a religion 
around here. We're in chilly New England (MA). We ditto strong votes for 
black cherry, green grape and Isis candy, both large, exotic, plum-like 
fruits with sweetness, unusual colors + complex flavor! but alas, like many, 
prone to cracking - so we mostly do them as huge "trees" in the premium 
hoophouse -- where they continue to fruit nicely to this day!

Having said that (and me being quite an heirloom fanatic) I must also state 
that in my experience, culture usually trumps variety. So, even as much as I 
love trafficking in all the amazing heirloom varieties, I'd still rather 
have a well grown (compost, etc) hybrid than a gnarly, neglected heritage 

Daniel Botkin

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LOVE green grape.grow it every year.Isis is good also.I could on and on.I
grow 28 varieties of cherry tomatoes.makes for a little swearing come
harvest time for market..but well worth the money!

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