[Market-farming] Getting silage to the field

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I would recommend 1 of 2 things.  First, feed straight from the trailer.  no waste and no handling.  My neighbor does this.    I have a "cargo handler" which is a heavy plastic tarp that rolls out into a pick up bed and then you hand turn a crank, rolling up the tarp and pulling the load out of the pickup bed and dumping it on the ground.  I use it for manure, woodchips, and gravel.  they are about $100 at Northern Tool + Equipment.

Ben Wiener

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> I need to go over the road and haul silage to my farm; I have 
> seven beef cattle and a 35HP Kabota with a bucket; I also have a 
> 20 foot dual axle tailers, and a 4 wheel drive truck; without 
> modifying the trailer I can't unload from my trailer which has a 
> rail; any recommendations on getting the silage to the animals at 
> a minimum of expense and NOT handling it by hand?
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> I always forget to mention Green Grape.  It's too recent to be an heirloom, but it's got great flavor and color, and usually pretty productive.
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