[Market-farming] High Tunnel Winter Growing

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There are a number of cool season crops, such as members of the allium and chicory family, that will germinate in fairly cool temps. Alliums can germinate in the 30's. But light and heat will still be limiting factors for growth rate.


>   I'm not Hattie, but Paul and I seed some crops
>   throughout the winter.  They take longer to
>   germinate and longer to grow.  For instance, mesclun
>   that is ready in 17 days in the late
>   spring/summer/early fall may take 35 days or more in
>   winter, depending on how many sunny days we get. 
>   However, it does germinate and grow.  The soil stays
>   in the high 40's/low 50's depending on where in the
>   tunnel it is (the middle rows are warmer than the
>   outside ones), and that is fine for the cool weather
>   crops we grow. 
>   Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm, SC KY
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>   Hattie--
>   Do you seed in the high tunnels during the winter,
>   or do you transplant from plugs? I've been
>   transplanting but I'd sure like to direct seed --
>   especially stuff like spinach -- if I could get away
>   with it, but I'm thinking that the soil is too cold
>   for germination, no matter what you do to try to
>   warm it up. If you can get it up around 60 or 65
>   during the day, you're still going to lose a lot of
>   that at night, aren't you?
>   --Dave in West Virginia
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