[Market-farming] Tell us about the cukes!

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Exactly!  And, if you live in the mid to upper South, you can plant and
GROW all winter, as we do here in South Central Kentucky. It's a large
country.  High Tunnels have applications in many, maybe most parts of
it, but crops and seasons will vary WIDELY!

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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While I think his principles are sound, I'd remind you that Elliot's
experiences are in a unique place. His principles can be applied but
tactics need to be adjusted for different places, perhaps even different
seasons. For example, if you're in a much colder place, such as the
upper Midwest, you may have a signficant gap during the end of Winter
that Elliot might not experience. Still, I think he is providing sound
leadership on the topic.


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