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While I think his principles are sound, I'd remind you that Elliot's experiences are in a unique place. His principles can be applied but tactics need to be adjusted for different places, perhaps even different seasons. For example, if you're in a much colder place, such as the upper Midwest, you may have a signficant gap during the end of Winter that Elliot might not experience. Still, I think he is providing sound leadership on the topic.


>Allan Balliett wrote:
>> Someone help me here: has Eliot Coleman quit growing cool season 
>> crops in for harvest in December/January due to the slow growth the 
>> comesfrom short days/low sun? It seem to me I read that somewhere.
>Well, he just published a book on the topic of winter production:
>The crux of this book is that he does two different types of greenhouse:
>cool (barely heated above 0C), and cold (not heated at all).  Different
>crops works in different type of greenhouse.  In the depth of winter,
>growth is extremely slow (if not nil); as such, the trick for winter
>harvest is to grow crops in the fall, and cover them for winter harvest.
>I have never experimented any of the above, I am just reporting what I
>have read in the book.  If anybody have actual experience with these
>practices, I would love to hear about their experiences to correlate and
>compare with what Coleman advocate in his book.
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