[Market-farming] Tell us about the cukes!

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I don't know what size greenhouse your using but I can say that it costs me $500 a week +or- $100 depending on fuel markets to heat my 28x96ft house in Febuary and that is at 55 degrees. It would be much more at 70 degrees night temps you need for cukes. There is a lot of data out there about GH cukes. I think its the number two GH vegetable after tomatoes. The point Im making is that GH cukes can be very expensive to grow especially if you screw up. Believe me I have lost more money growing heated crops in winter than I care to remember...Bob.

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Hi, Dave!

The most important thing to me about GH cukes vs field is if you could get
longer, more productive harvest because you'd be avoiding the cucumber
beetles, which are horrible out here.  Did you have to hand-pollinate?

My Chinese partner has access to whatever seeds of whatever variety is
wanted -- half the time, we can't even figure out the "American name" of
whatever she is growing.  She is a better grower than I am (and I am not bad
at this stuff! ;-)), so it's just a matter of finding out what can be done
-- because if it could be done, she's be able to do it and do it well.

Thank for any insight you can offer.

Dorene in SE PA

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If you buy a greenhouse in Chile or maybe Florida you could raise GH Cuc's
for sale in February for a profit but not in SE PA; let alone make a
fortune. + I bet they are a particular type the Chinese want. + they are not
suited to an 'all at once' harvest period no matter when you grow them.
What do you want to know about GH Cucumbers in season? I had given Allan my
own experience with them. I should probably not made a personal enquiry of
him on a public forum. Sorry. 

Dave Inglis
Berkshire County,


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