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Although I don't know how feasible it would be, last year there was a speaker at the Great Plains Vegetable Growers Conference who told us about the Chinese Greenhouses that they use to grow warm season vegetables in the winter with no heat.  Here is the link, http://extension.missouri.edu/buchanan/GPVGC2009.shtml scroll down to Chinese High Tunnels.  It is very interesting.  I believe that there may be a day that this will be in use in the United States.  I have a location that I would love try this someday. I know it wouldn't be a great money maker, but it would be very fun to give it a try. Maybe when I retire in 25-30 years.


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If you buy a greenhouse in Chile or maybe Florida you could raise GH Cuc's
for sale in February for a profit but not in SE PA; let alone make a
fortune. + I bet they are a particular type the Chinese want. + they are not
suited to an 'all at once' harvest period no matter when you grow them.
What do you want to know about GH Cucumbers in season? I had given Allan my
own experience with them. I should probably not made a personal enquiry of
him on a public forum. Sorry. 

Dave Inglis
Berkshire County,

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> >I'll get hold of you offline about the cuke adventure.
> No, no -- tell us how the greenhouse cukes went!  My partner is a Chinese
> immigrant who says we can make big bucks by selling cucumbers for the
> Chinese New Year.  Unfortunately, the Chinese New Year is in February
> is not fun even in Southeastern PA, let alone the rest of PA, for cukes)
> we are trying to figure out if we could truly make a profit doing this.
> So, growing cukes in greenhouses -- I'm all ears!
> Dorene in Southeastern PA
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