[Market-farming] Pricing of spinach now

Marcy mlynnn at wildblue.net
Fri Nov 20 08:53:35 EST 2009

Sue, I'm curious about your mix with violets.
Do the violets hold up about the same as the lettuce?
I've just been thinking I'd seed some violets this fall for spring, but
hadn't considered doing a mix.  I like that even better. 
Also on the spinach, I'd guess the leaves are smaller now, which usually
means  higher prices for baby spinach?

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I have been charging $3 for spinach at 1/4 bag. Should I go up to $4 for 1/4
pound? Just because it is almost winter and most don't have any to sell. In
the Spring I was charging $2.50 for 1/4 lb., but this is much more flavorful
in the fall, after the frost hits it.  

My lettuce in the normal season, I charge $4 for .40 lb and for a very nice
mixture with violets I sell for $5 for .40 lb.
Thank you all.

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