[Market-farming] Digging/spading forks

Alliums garlicgrower at green-logic.com
Thu Nov 19 18:36:39 EST 2009

Hi, Folks!

I've had my Spear & Jackson hand-forged English fork for about 15 years now,
even in heavy PA clay soil and I love it.  I also don't let just anyone use

When I was working with adjudicated teenage boys, they could break anything
with a wooden handle.  I went to fiberglass for anything they were going to
use and it's worked a bit better.  My cousin and I taught proper tool use,
but having the fiberglass handles did give us some extra "leeway" while they
were learning (and with a 4 month rotation, we had a lot of learning

I like giving every intern their own tool set and making them responsible
for it (including replacement if they bust anything).  A good set of tools
is invaluable in our work as is proper tool care -- interns should learn,
know better and learn the hard way ($$$) if they are careless.

Southeastern PA

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