[Market-farming] more on medicinal/herbal seed sources

Nan Johnson nan.n.johnson at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 15:09:56 EST 2009

> We used Richters (in Canada) frequently at the Medicinal Plant Garden/Univ
> of MS during my seven years working there.

>   What impressed me most was how Richters reacted when they sent us the
> wrong species of what is commonly called holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) but was
> really O. tenuiflorum (the website said O. sanctum).

  Richters was the ONLY company (among the several that sent us the wrong
species) that responded to my phone call/email and actually rechecked their
stock, and then sent us a sample of a new shipment which we grew out for
them and verified as O. sanctum.  The two species are VERY different
visually, but the other herbal companies (all in the US) ignored our phone
calls/emails and digital photos.  I was very disappointed in the other
companies.  They did not respond AT ALL.

One caveat....since Richters is in Canada, there is sometimes a delay in
shipment since it goes thru customs, etc.

I must say that as of 2008 their customer service person was excellent!  We
also ordered live plants and when some arrived in less than satisfactory
shape, they worked with us on that too!

nan at simple gifts homestead/arkansas  (formerly dancing goats/water
valley, ms)
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