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Road's End Farm, a selection of seed companies I've ordered from 
recently (I may have left somebody out): I've only included contact 
info for a couple that I think are not online, but can post it for the 
others if anybody needs it.

Fedco: good prices, good selection, extremely wide variety of packaging 
sizes, some organic, it's a co-op. Varieties suited to Maine and 
similar climates.

E&R: very good prices, some organic, a lot of untreated seed, good 
variety packaging sizes, not the fastest service

Johnny's: pricey but very fast shipping and good service, good variety 
packaging sizes, some organic, untreated mostly, employee owned.

Seed Savers Exchange: the place to go when you really need the right 
strain of something; some items also available in large sizes; not 
cheap, but the catalogue supports the variety maintenance efforts; some 
organic; untreated.

High Mowing: all organic; also not cheap; selection expanding but often 
still limited; service generally good (except for a couple of years 
ago, but they seem to have gotten over it); varieties suited to Vermont 
and similar climates.

Pinetree: great remaindered book list; seed in small quantities only, 
good range of varieties including some unusual ones; they and their 
seed trials are in Maine

Territorial Seed Co., in Oregon, some varieties not available 
elsewhere, untreated, some organic, expensive, fast shipping

Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seed Initiative, Camphill Village, Copake NY 
12516.   518-329-3037 telephone for catalogues, various other phone 
numbers for orders. All biodynamic, some certified organic, All seed 
suppliers listed in catalogue, not cheap, many varieties not available 

Lakeview Organic Grain: cover crop and field crop seed, not vegetable 
seed, most of it locally sourced. I don't know if they mail order, 
though they do deliver over a fairly wide area (they're in Penn Yan, 
NY); I'm lucky enough to live close enough to pick up and save the 
shipping charges.

Mapple Farm, the only place I know for organic sweet potato slips; they 
carry a little seed but not much; 129 Beech Hill Rd., Weldon NB, Canada 
E4H 4N5 <wingate at nbnet.nb.ca> (I don't know if they have a website)

Fisher's Seeds, PO Box 236, Belgrade MT 59714, (mailing address; store 
street address is 20750 East Frontage Road) 406-388-6052 : this is a 
small company, not online; Judy Fisher answers the phone, packs the 
seed, and I think does a lot of the rest of the work; they buy some 
seed but do a lot of their own seed production and seed breeding; they 
have varieties for Montana and other short-season climates that are not 
available elsewhere, and were for some time the only source of Jumbo 
bush Italian bean (this had been all over, then the one producer quit 
producing it, and it disappeared from dozens of different seed 
companies. Fisher's. however, grew some of it themselves, so they still 
had it.) Many items only in small quantities. I love Fisher's. please 
give them some business.

I also buy a few things I like but that are hard to find from Burpee's, 
sometimes Tomato Growers' Supply, sometimes Veseys, occasionally from 
the HPS family.

(A note on the HPS family: HPS, Shumway, Jung's, Vermont Bean, Totally 
Tomatoes are all owned by the same people. They have refused to tell me 
who the owner is. They do, however, have a lot of untreated seed, which 
generally arrives as ordered and grows OK.)

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale
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