[Market-farming] DARN Snow and Broccoli

Andy Fellenz fellenz at fltg.net
Tue Nov 17 07:39:27 EST 2009

I leave my collards in the field and pick through-out the winter.  If 
the plants are in a protected area and snow covered, they last for a 
long time. 

> Speaking of collards and chard, has anyone successfully stored these 
> for later use?  I have vacuum sealed and frozen broccoli and I know 
> that cabbage can be kept in cold storage and later trimmed, but what 
> can be done with chard and collards (for that matter, Portuguese kale, 
> which is virtually identical to collards)?  Anyone with experience 
> with them?
> Kurt Forman
> Clearview Farm
> Palmyra, NY 14522
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