[Market-farming] Flail mowers

Two Onion Farm farmer at twoonionfarm.com
Sat Nov 14 07:54:54 EST 2009

I am looking to buy a 3 point flail mower to use for mowing tall 
cover crops of winter rye, oats, and sorghum sudangrass before 
tilling them into the soil.  I have used a rotary brush mower in the 
past but I would like to switch to a flail mower so that the material 
will be chopped more finely and evenly distributed.  I have been 
looking at Rhino, Landpride, Befco, and similar flail mowers.

Landpride offers a reverse rotation flail mower.  Does anyone have 
experience using reverse rotation flail mowers - I am concerned that 
tall material which is laid down in the wheel tracks will not be 
picked up as well by a reverse rotation mower.

Thanks for your advice.


Chris & Juli McGuire
Two Onion Farm
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Belmont, WI 53510
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