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Fri Nov 13 15:19:52 EST 2009

> if I don't start making more than $1.50 an hour on it as?I have?stay
> up all night baking the stuff and it takes a day or two preparation to get
> to
> that point.? I know people don't get rich making bread but I'm not doing
> it
> for charity either.
> ?
> Thanks for your input
> ?
> "Wyatt's Way"
> ?
> Jamestown
> Ohio?
> I've been doing organic whole grain breads at our market for 10 years
now.  When I started a 50 lb bag of organic flour cost $18, the same bag
is now $38.
Prices Have to reflect your costs.  Do not try to compete for prices with
the supermarkets...it's impossible...The market shoppers are looking for
the artisan breads and are willing to pay you for your time.
My larger loaves are 2 lb. I'm selling for $4.75-5.75 depending on the
variety.  I do flavored herb croutons and seasoned bread crumbs with the
left overs.  I don't get rich but make a decent living....
                            Sora in Paradise where we finished a decent
woodshed just as the snows started.....all is

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