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I make and sell pepper jellies and sell produce.  I have raised my price for each jar every year for the last 3 years.  I started out at $3.50. Now I am at $5.00 and I sold more this year than ever.  I started not knowing if it would sell, now people, who like my jelly, call me "The Jelly Man".

Don't be afraid to raise your price.  It scared me, but my cost of production has gone up too.  Probably not as much as my increase, but it does cost me more to transport everything too.  The difference is my jelly will keep from week to week and bread will not.  

I would say raise your price and don't make a big deal about it, just explain why, if asked.

I also have a difficulty getting the produce prices some of you are talking about. If I charged some of those prices, I would be laughed at and sell nothing.  I am one of the highest priced vendors. I have higher prices so it will control my supply and demand. I could ask less, but I would sell out all the time.  This way I am earning more, bringing home some and making everyone happy.

Good Luck!


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I'm about the worst person imaginable 
for pricing so I thought I'd ask this list what they thought.
How much should I charge for a 1.5 lb 
loaf of French bread?  How much so you charge for bread.  I know I'm 
underpricing myself but I don't have much to compare my pricing to.  I put 
a lot of work into it and I've been improving my technique for years, I haven't 
seen anything, even in bakeries in San Francisco, that is better, most isn't as 
good.  I've had a hard time believing that and it seems arrogant for me to 
say that as I'm really not that confident about it but I've been told that 
often enough I guess its true. I know I'm really picky about 
it.  I started baking it because I had bread in Europe and couldn't 
find any here that was that good.  
Anyway I need to raise my prices and 
I'm very nervous about it.
How much should I charge for this 
stuff?  I don't want to chase away customers but Imp going to stop doing it 
if I don't start making more than $1.50 an hour on it as I have stay 
up all night baking the stuff and it takes a day or two preparation to get to 
that point.  I know people don't get rich making bread but I'm not doing it 
for charity either.
Thanks for your input
"Wyatt's Way"


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