[Market-farming] reply to recommendations on accounting...

Erik Lane eriklane at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 00:34:17 EST 2009

> One other advantage to sending an invoice in a .PDF file is that it can’t be
> altered. We were using a third party for deliveries to restaurants and
> weren’t sure we wanted to send invoices in Excel.  With .PDF it can’t be
> changed but they can print it.

One thing not quite right here. PDF files are just a digital file,
like anything else. They can be edited, even if they are marked as
read-only. The read-only tag is really only to keep honest people from
changing them. There are programs you can buy to edit them, and many
other ways around the protection, since it counts on the reading
program to honor the protection flag.

Just a couple examples:

from google:

I just didn't want you to think that it was so bulletproof when it's
really not. In most cases this isn't a problem, but don't trust it for
your security.


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