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Tue Nov 10 10:21:09 EST 2009

In my small town, there is an old grange hall that has been updated and has an inspected kitchen.  It is managed by a nice women's guild who are more than happy to make an extra $10 to rent it, now and then. I just talked to them!  We did ask at a private school about their kitchen but their rule was that everything made there had to be eaten there.  Dumb if you ask me.  We bake gluten free bread for sale at our farmer's market, but we have to have a letter on us stating that we used an "approved" kitchen.  I was going to make garlic powder with all my extra garlic I have (huge year for garlic this year) and if I want to sell it at market I need to use a certified kitchen.  My aunt is the gluten free lady and she is in the city so she can't use the same kitchen as I want to, but if I do bake artisan type breads, I could use this local kitchen for me.  And it's 5 miles away, practically in my backyard! 

Barb in Co
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