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This is the best Farm Biz Plan that I have found....
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Very good points, thanks.  I have most, if not all, of Joel's books in my
storage in Oregon.  I also have Eliot Coleman's and most of the other useful
books.  Our ranch/farm business in Oregon is part of our LLC so we can add
his potential business  to it and have liability coverage.  Flowers, rather
than food might be safer.
I used to live in Sonoma County, CA when it was very small farm/farmer
oriented. It has changed a great deal but is still "country".  It is very
"food" oriented, especially organic, sustainable ad local.  The competition
will be tough I suspect.
He has dairies right up the road, an alpaca farm across the fence, horses
and goats, across the road so the zoning should be okay. I will confirm it.
Much of the best farm land in California has been covered by Mcmansions.
The housing crash has put a stop to that, at least for a while, I hope.
It is one of the easiest places to garden that I have ever lived.  The
climate is wonderful. My biggest concern has been water. It will probably
need an irrigation well.  The soil is adobe but I have dealt with it before.
A good green manure, soil builder seeding should  be planted now before the
winter rains start.  It is set-up pretty well with the houses close
together.  It has 4? acres that are still usable.
DH and I are helping him buy the ex out so I have more than a passing
interest in the project.   A business plan is probably one of the first
steps.  I need to go walk it and take a hard, hard look at everything.  It
doesn't have to completely support either family just help with the payments
Thanks again

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