[Market-farming] opportunity maybe/ where to start

Margaret L. Wilson booldawgs at frontiernet.net
Sun Nov 8 22:08:01 EST 2009

Hi, I am a long time lurker with a ranch/farm in SW Oregon. I may end up trying to make some money on a 5 acre parcel 50 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  My son is going through a divorce and trying desperately to keep his beloved home.  If his loan is approved, he needs to make some money with it.  At this time it is just a backyard horsy place with a lot of potential.
I have all the equipment, large, small and hand tools, needed that he can use.  It is very close in and is accessible.   

He grew up gardening and with livestock.   Any ideas that I can give him?  It has an adorable cottage that would be great for a vacation rental.   I have a couple Dexter cows there and the kids have adorable min horses.  Tourism potential?
Thanks in advance
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