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MAsteveINE MAsteveINE at 207ME.com
Sat Nov 7 14:08:54 EST 2009

This area has a conference each year, "The Kneading Conference" is a lot about

natural and whole grain breads. In the past they have done outdoor ovens which are 

masonry works of art, and as my past projects with brick and mortar have been 

disgracefull I put that deal on hold. Recently someone did a piece with a bake oven 

of cement blocks, mud, and scrap metal; since he was bragging about the pizza, 

dispite the absence of the Capital Dome, now I am on the hunt for one of those 

igloo dog houses to use as a mold for my oven.

So far, the absolute best, and simplest loaf of bread on the planet is at:


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