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Chris Reid chriscreid at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 7 10:25:57 EST 2009

My guess is that using rosemary and orange oil will change the experience of the whole bread entirely -- I am dubious. 
Instead of concentratrions of flavor around the rosemary pieces only and in some contrast to the less-concentrated flavor in the rest of the bread, the entire loaf will have the flavor. If you experiment, I would be interested in your results.  There is nothing like orange zest except orange zest.  If orange zest is cooked too long, the fresh zinginess goes away (stovetop).  Dried won't cut it, in my experience (at least not dried peel I have purchased).
Do you have any sage left?  I don't know if this would pay off as well as breads, but I experimented with herbed shortbread for the holidays a few years back  and liked fresh sage as an ingredient.   I also made some caraway cookies (from Norway) that I am thinking might be too unusual for broad appeal, and also some rosemary shortbread.   If you have any kind of a holiday market, perhaps an idea you could use.  Packaged in tins and using local ingredients, beats gifts from China. (Too late for it now, but I also found a  rather interesting basil jelly recipe that was great as the jam in thumbprint cookies).  Oh, I may have done lemon thyme or thyme, too.  
I also used bronze fennel seeds in the recipe for Italian anise sponge, which is very easy to make.  The flavor was pretty strong.  I think it's worth experimenting with using the seeds while still green, and also when they are dry.  The green seeds have a nice pungent sweetness to them that is nice to nibble on if you like the flavor.
I was interested in your caraway comment -- just planted a sample caraway plant this year and am looking forward to seeing how it does next spring, figuring if the growth habit was right that the flowers would attract beneficial insects before I got the seeds.
Chris Reid
Stamford, CT

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