[Market-farming] Baking (was: Re: Rosemary and oange oil)

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at outlands.ca
Sat Nov 7 10:10:10 EST 2009

jay sleichter wrote:
> I am glad to hear I am not the only vegetable grower/baker.  Although, I usually reserve that skill for my family.  I did several times make some baked goodies when I didn't have enough to fill my tables with produce.  This year I didn't have that problem.

Complementing the produce with baked goods is part of the plan for us
too.  My wife, who do not really have the green thumb, is really into
baking and other value-added product.  We should complement pretty well!

In fact, one of the thing I want to build shortly after moving out in
the country is a traditional French-Canadian bread oven.  They are made
of aged clay, not brick and stone, and they are dome-shaped.  It seems
rather easy to make, and I have seen a couple in the country side.

Like most wood-burning baking over, the fire is lit inside the baking
chamber.  Not sure how's that going to fly with the food inspector,
though.  *Finger crossed!*

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