[Market-farming] Rosemary and oange oil

Marie Kamphefner kampy at grm.net
Fri Nov 6 17:50:11 EST 2009

Regards to the list:


Wyatt, I am also a baker and I get spices etc from


You can go there and request a catalog or order online.



Rosemary leaf powder 25lb @ $3.66 a pound, 5+lbs @ $4.09 a pound

Rosemary leaf powder organic 25lb @ $5.95 a pound, 5+ lbs @ $6.65 a pound.

Dried orange peel 25lb @  $3.40 a pound, 5+ lbs @ $3.80 a pound

Dried orange peel organic 25lb @ $5.95 a pound, 5+ lbs @ $7.00 a pound.


They also have orange peel powder and orange peel granules.


I have never used the oils in bread.


Hope this helps.


Would you care to share the recipe off list? :-)


Marie in Missouri


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