[Market-farming] Rosemary and oange oil

Erik Lane eriklane at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 16:31:33 EST 2009

As a long term thing, have you tried growing rosemary yourself? I
don't know how typical it is, but here in the Pacific Northwest it
grows like a weed. Well, almost - once you get it started you don't
really have to do anything for it. It just grows year after year. I'm
always surprised at the prices of it in the stores with how easy it is
to grow your own. For that matter walking down the city streets I
almost always find people growing it in their front yards and it's
often huge and neglected looking, like they never use it but just have
it as an ornamental.

On a little of an aside - ours is blooming right now. What's up with
that? We have had a little bit of a weird year, but it's pretty
surprising to see the flowers this late in the year. Though I might
not have paid as much attention before. Has anyone else seen anything
like that?

On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 1:04 PM, Wyatt Jones <wyatt_jones at netzero.com> wrote:
> Sorry this is off the normal subjects but I've been baking artisan breads to
> make extra money since the weather cooled down as I'm a little short of
> cash, I've been selling out at the farmers market every week, I sold $250
> worth in less than an hour last Saturday, all I had actually, the limiting
> factor is my little oven.  Anyway I'm having trouble getting fresh rosemary
> and dried orange peel at reasonable prices and was wondering if anyone has
> used Orange oil and Rosemary oil as viable substitutes and/or knows of a
> good source of reasonably priced food grade oils such as those or the herbs
> themselves.    The Potato Rosemary Bread takes a tablespoon of ground
> rosemary per pound of bread so I need a lot
> Once again , sorry this is off the subject but I thought some of the people
> here might be bakers as well.
> Thanks
> Wyatt
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