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I wish I still had those things. I would have if it wouldn't have been for three weeks in early October.  Our first frost/freeze was month earlier than usual.  I still am picking, for our own use, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, and peppers in my high tunnels.  I had a beautiful crop of late green beans that I only picked twice. 

I am splitting wood, started the stove up on October 12th, I think.  Hate to use propane when it isn't that cold out.

If you can do that in Oklahoma, I am sure I can do that in North Central Kansas.

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Water, water, water. I think that was the month we spent almost a 1000 dollars on water. That was also the month of the freakishly hot weather too.  Then, it started raining every week, and we haven't watered since! Those planting dates were an experiment for us. Our market usually ends Oct. 31, and we wanted around 6 weeks of harvesting on the cole crops.  So, we did all of them much earlier than what we would typically do. It worked, at least this year. Our market has been extended until Nov. 14th this year, so we are running low on broccoli at this point. We still have lots of cauliflower, cabbage, and brussels sprouts, and would you believe I just came in from picking zucchini? Green beans yesterday. And, the okra is blooming again. Weird weather. I should be hauling in firewood, not picking green beans!

Perkins, OK. No sign of a frost in sight 

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