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Bob,  What do you mean by "over hardened" plants?  I started them around July 1st, and potted up around the 20th of July and planted out around the 5-8th of August.  I would have planted our earlier, but it was too wet to work the soil and the beans weren't removed yet.

Thanks for the advice, this was my first fall crop of broccoli and cauliflower.


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I seed cauliflower and broccoli 6/20&7/01 and plant in field 7/20&8/01 I generally harvest broccoli mid to late Sept as late as mid Oct. Early cauliflower like 65 day Candid charm matures in 80 days from transplanting and Later Fremont 75 day matures in 90 days. Don't waste you money on non hybrids. Your broccoli will need a rock hard freeze to stop them. Your cauliflower is far behind and unlikely to get heads larger than 3". The inner wrapper leaves are most sensitive, when they freeze the head stops growing.  Next year push them harder with extra nitrogen and water early and they should mature on time. I think you might have planted over hardened plants to start with...Bob.

I planted Broccoli and Cauliflower transplants in early August.  The days to maturity say they should have been ready by mid October.  The weather has been cloudy, cold, and rainy.  They are not in a high tunnel, I didn't have room at the time.  However, the broccoli is getting to a harvestable size.  7-10 days of clear, warmer  and sunny days should really get them going. The cauliflower is just starting to head out. small heads the size of quarters.  How long does it take to get them to a harvestable size?   I have some space in a tunnel, could I dig up some of the smaller plants and move them to give added protection and time?  Any ideas?

I might just make some low tunnels and see what happens.  I guess next year the fall crops will be planted in July!

Also, I had some loopers eating at the broccoli.  However, I am not finding any new damage.  I did find one small lopper on a head that I harvested.  What is the best was to rinse broccoli to get these guys out, if they are there? Also, we have had freezing weather. Is it safe to assume they are dead or are they not dead?


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