[Market-farming] Organic Certifcation Field History

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Hey there Jon,
Do you retail any of your seed?
I'd be interested in discussing.

Farmer Breck
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We are able to get multiple isolations on such small acreage with
certain crops but not others. Things that primarily thought not
exclusively self-pollinate are usually good at around 150 ft
isolation, things like this include tomatoes and beans. Things that
are insect and wind pollinated we either grow only one variety a year
or if possible, isolate them in time, like planting an early corn in
black plastic and planting a late corn at a late planting date.
Planting in our greenhouse with screening over the windows gives us
another insect pollinator isolation (this only works with
self-pollinators, something like cucurbits would have trouble.)
~Jon in Central VA
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