[Market-farming] Organic Certifcation Field History

Jon H rhizomonkey at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 22:17:35 EST 2009

Its time for us to be preparing our organic certifcation grower plan
and my long standing headache in this is preparing the field history
data. We are a 4 acre farm that grows vegetable seed. What this
entails as far as layout is a diverse number of vegetables grown in a
number of isolation plots through our fields. We have 8 or so fields,
and though those are constant, what shape the various plots in any
given field will take from year to year is highly variable. Instead of
one tomato patch, for seed isolation we will have up to 5, and often
the seed plots will be boxy and not stretch from one end of the field
to the other because of pollination concerns. The way the field
histories are expected to be presented for the grower plan make more
sense if our fields were something like 10 acres tomatoes, 15 acres
wheat, 25 acres corn, etc. The grower plan asks to have charts filled
out, but the way that we use on the farm and makes sense for us is
grided maps for tracking field histories. I would like to present the
certifier with an alternative way of doing field history that would be
easier for us and more accurate for them. I know they can often be
very particular, so I'd like to have a good plan to show them from the
start. I am curious to hear from folks here who get organic
certification and also often have pretty convoluted garden layouts and
hear how you all present your data.
Thank you much,
Jon in Central VA

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