[Market-farming] Honey Bear Squash. Was Squash bug control

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Mon Nov 2 12:20:37 EST 2009

Where are you getting your Bon-Bon buttercup seeds?

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> --- On Mon, 11/2/09, Richard Robinson <rrobinson at nasw.org> wrote:
>> We use Bon-Bon buttercups for pies and breads. We haven't
>> found anything as tasty. I planted quite a little spread of
>> Johnny's new "honey bear" acorn squash, and was pretty
>> disappointed in the taste--bland and stringy, compared to
>> rich and sweet and smooth Bon-Bon.
> Yep, I was also disappointed in the Honey Bears.  I didn't really notice 
> any improvement over any other acorn I have tried.  A little aging should 
> help, but I don't see any reason to try them again next year.
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