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All pepo cultivars have a 5 sided hard stem all maxima have a soft round stem... Bob

>Interesting. My pumpkins (which have not much been bothered by squash 
>bugs) have always been pie pumpkins;  I've grown New England Pie and 
>several others. --  Fedco says New England Pie is pepo, and so are 
>several others that I've grown. I may well not have grown any maxima 
>pumpkins, though I'm not sure.

Its interesting too how the term pie pumpkin gets used. Some people, especially in New England, are referring to the New England Sugar Pie variety when they say "pie pumpkin" but it's also become a term for all small pumpkins among many growers and consumers. It's unfortunate because the Sugar Pie variety is selected for culinary quality but many small verieties are selected for other reasons and are inferior for culinary use. Then, to make matters worse, most of the canning companies use types like Buckskin and Dickinson Field Pumpkin for their pie pack. Then there is one that uses Golden Delicious (C. maxima) squash for their pie pack. So two people talking "pie pumpkins" can be talking about vastly different products. 

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